The God’s must create

As we must breath to live

And so it was with Odin

Who felt the urge of humankind to be

And seeing the form of man and woman

In ash and elm driftwood

Called upon his brothers

Vili and Vé to bring into being

Ask and Embla

The first of all people

Whose children

Deep in their souls have a longing

To be carried by wind tide and wave

To far off shores

And hidden glades

Driftwood hearts seeking sanctuary

In sacred places

Wherein the gifts of tranquillity

Peace and silent beauty

Replenishes their humanity

In a hidden corner of Ireland

On her wild South-Western shore

There is a place

Where driftwood gathers

It is a place that whispers to the sacredness

Of our very being and urges us to live

Paul T Dillon